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Metro contador electrónico de energía, carril DIM, multirate, digital, trifásico.

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La serie ECO041 son metros contadores trifásicos Carril DIN multirate Adoptan muchas tecnologías avanzadas de la investigación y el desarrollo, al igual que técnicas microelectrónica especializadas, IC (circuito integrado) a gran escala, muestreo digital y la tecnología de procesamiento, técnica de SMT, entre otras. Sus prestaciones técnicas se ajustan completamente a las Normas Internacionales IEC 62053-21 para la clase 1 trifásica medidor de energía activa. Pueden medir directamente y con exactitud el consumo de energía activa de carga en las redes de corriente alterna trifásica de 50 Hz o 60 Hz de frecuencia nominal. Tienen características de excelente fiabilidad a largo plazo, de pequeño volumen, peso ligero, aspecto perfecto, fácil instalación, etc

 Available as 35mm DIN standard rail mounted, conforming to Standards DIN EN 50022, as well as front PANEL mounted (the center distance between two mounting holes is 63mm). Two mounted methods above are optional for user.
 10 pole width (modulus 12.5mm), complying with Standards JB/T7121-1993.
 Can select time-of-use metering in 3 tariffs. Can set 12 daily intervals. Can freely set the date in every month to read meter automatically. Can set single tariff at weekends.
 Can select 2 tariffs metering, equipped with the tariff setting port, if the input control voltage is 0 - 90 Vac, the setting tariff is F1. If the input control voltage is 150 - 400 Vac, the setting tariff is F2. Tariff transduction is controlled by the external timer or similar device.
 The meter with time-of-use metering in 3 tariffs has clock chip inside and maintenance free lithium battery inside. The battery capacity can be detected in real time and displayed, keeping the data for 12 months.
 7 digits LCD with two options: cycle display (default) or push-bottom display item by item. Can set the cycle display interval. Can select the data item of display. The decimal of the data display can be set to be 1 or 2 digits.
 Can select the inside far infrared data communication port and RS485 data communication port for meter setting or reading meter. The meter setting has password protection. The communication protocol complies with Standards DL/T645-1997, can also select the other
communication protocol.
 S-connection (inlet wire from bottom and outlet wire on top) has two connection types: direct connection and CT connection for option.
 For CT connection meter, it is indirect reading or direct reading for option. For direct reading, there are 27 kinds CT rates to set, after setting CT rate, we can read the meter directly, no need multiplying the CT rate.
 The CT direct reading meter is 7 digits LCD display: 5+2 digits (only at CT rate is 5:5A) or 7 integers, which is depended on the setting CT rate.
 With a non-volatile memory, keep the data for permanently while the power is cut.
 Equipped with a polarity passive energy impulse output terminal, conforming to Standards IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864.
 LEDs indicate separately the power state on each phase, the energy impulse signal, load current flow direction, current tariff state and data communication state.
 Automatic detection for the load current flow direction and will be indicated by LED.
 Measure the active energy consumption in one direction on three phases, which is not related with the load current flow direction at all, complying with Standards IEC 62053-21.
 The short terminal cover is made with the transparent PC, to reduce the installation space and is convenient for centralized installation.

  • Metro Contador de tres tarifas y reloj chip interno
  • Voltaje de Referencia: 230 V
  • Corriente Nominal: 5(30) / 10(60) / 20(120) Seleccione
  • Corriente de arranque: 0.02 / 0.04 / 0.08 A (dependiendo de la corriente nominal seleccionada)
  • Prestaciones de aislamiento: 4 kV tensión de CA durante 1 minuto, de forma de onda de tensión de 6 kV 1.2/50us impulso.