LEM061JK Ampliar


Metro contador electrónico de energía, montaje sobre panel frontal, analógico, trifásico.

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 Front panel mounted in 3 points for fixing. The centre-to-centre distance between the top mounting holes and the bottom one is 198-212 mm, which the user can select any needed distance, in accordance with Standards BS 7856 and DIN 43857.
 Can select the step motor impulse register of 6 digits (999999kWh) or 6+1 digits (999999.1kWh) LCD display.
 Can select the maintenance free lithium battery inside for LCD display to read the meter while the power is cut.
 Direct connection and CT connection for option.
 For CT connection meter, it is indirect reading or direct reading for option. For direct reading, there are 27 kinds CT rates to set, after setting CT, we can read the meter directly, no need multiplying the CT rates.
 The CT direct reading meter is 7 digits LCD display: 5+2 digits (only at CT rate is 5:5A) or 7 integers, which is depended on the setting CT rate.
 Equipped with a polarity passive energy impulse output terminal, conforming to Standards IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864.
 LEDs indicate separately the power state on each phase and the energy impulse signal.
 Automatic detection for the load current flow direction and will be indicated by LED.
 Measure the active energy consumption in one direction on three phase, which is not related with the load current flow direction at all, complying with Standards IEC 62053-21.
 Can select the extended terminal cover or short terminal cover.

  • Metro Contador digital de 6 + 1 dígitos LCD
  • Voltaje de Referencia: 230 V
  • Corriente Nominal: 5(30) / 10(60) / 20(120) Seleccione
  • Corriente de arranque: 0.02 / 0.04 / 0.08 A (dependiendo de la corriente nominal seleccionada)
  • Prestaciones de aislamiento: 4 kV tensión de CA durante 1 minuto, de forma de onda de tensión de 6 kV 1.2/50us impulso.